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A genus of large cockroaches including several cosmopolitan household pests found wherever food is available, especially in moist protected areas. Periplaneta americana (American cockroach), a very large brownish-chestnut species, 30-40 mm long, is probably native to Africa but now universally distributed; Periplaneta fuliginosa (the smoky-brown cockroach) is a common household pest in the eastern and southeastern U.S.
[peri- + G. planētēs, a roamer]
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(per?i-pla-net'a) [L. periplaneta, fr peri- + Gr. planetes, wanderer]
A genus of large cockroaches (order Orthoptera). See: cockroach

Periplaneta americana

See: American cockroach

Periplaneta australasiae

See: Australian cockroach
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