periosteal reaction

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per·i·os·te·al re·ac·tion

radiographically detectable new subperiosteal bone formed as a reaction to soft tissue or osseous disease.

periosteal reaction

The laying down of new bone on a specialized connective tissue that covers the surface of a bone after it has been irritated or invaded, e.g., by cancer, infection, or trauma. The new bone is visible radiographically as a thickening, widening, blurring, or spiculation of the bony cortex.

onion skin periosteal reaction

A radiologic sign attributable to a lamellar periosteal reaction in which multiple concentric layers of new bone are laid down.


pertaining to or emanating from the periosteum.

periosteal bud
a stage in the development of bone to replace existing cartilage; periosteal bud formation results in the removal of calcified cartilage.
periosteal elevator
a heavy metal instrument, with a broad, flat thin end for prising between periosteum and bone and lifting the periosteum prior to working on the bone. See also sayre elevator, matson elevator.
periosteal reaction
production of new bone by the periosteum in response to injury or irritation.
periosteal stripping
may occur in association with fractures, damaging vascular supply and delaying callus formation.
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Periosteal reaction usually indicates the presence of a pathological fracture.
A marked 3 6-mmthick, circumferential, periosteal reaction was present in all sections, which extended to and included the level adjacent to the porous coating and over the proximal edge of the porous coating (Fig 5).
The lesions may also appear as permeative lesions with ill-defined borders and periosteal reaction.
The expansile lesions were clearly intramedullary, and they had caused erosion, thinning, and scalloping of the endosteal cortical bone, although there was no evidence of a periosteal reaction.
Radiological finding of acute or subacute osteomyelitis include soft tissue swelling, periosteal reaction, cortical irregularity and demineralization.
4) There is no stalk or peduncle, and little to no periosteal reaction.
4 'c': MRI proton density fat suppressed axial image right leg showing periosteal reaction, cortical thickening and interosseous thickening.
Giant cell tumors commonly appear radiolucent and do not show periosteal reaction.
The radiologic appearance of a mandibular osteosarcoma is similar to that of a conventional osteosarcoma; both show evidence of an osteoid matrix, aggressive periosteal reaction, and soft-tissue extension.
Plain radiographs of the left forearm diffuse lytic lesion almost involving whole shaft of left radius with periosteal reaction in the radius (fig.