periodontal pocket

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a bag or pouch; see also cavity, recess, and sac.
infrabony pocket (intra-alveolar pocket) (intrabony pocket) a periodontal pocket in which the bottom is apical to the level of the adjacent alveolar bone.
periodontal pocket a gingival sulcus that extends abnormally deep into the periodontal ligament apically to the original level of the resorbed alveolar crest.
suprabony pocket (supracrestal pocket) a periodontal pocket in which the bottom is coronal to the underlying bone.
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per·i·o·don·tal pock·et

a pathologic deepening of the gingival sulcus resulting from detachment of the gingiva from the tooth.
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per·i·o·don·tal pock·et

(perē-ō-dontăl pokĕt)
Pathologically deepened gingival sulcus, a finding in periodontal disease.
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per·i·o·don·tal pock·et

(perē-ō-dontăl pokĕt)
Pathologic deepening of gingival sulcus resulting from detachment of gingiva from tooth.
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Table 1: Patient distribution by age and sex Sex Control Periodontitis Periodontitis group of the easy of the degree average degree Men 9 13 12 Women 11 18 15 Total 20 31 27 Sex Periodontitis Total of the severe degree Men 15 49 Women 26 70 Total 41 119 Table 2: The relationship of the joulemetric characteristics and the depth of the periodontal pocket The depth The mean Standard of the value A(t), deviation periodontal [micro]J A(t), [micro]J pocket (mm) Control group -- 262 20 Periodontitis of 3.27 [+ or -] 0.05 273 22 the easy degree Periodontitis of 4.27 [+ or -] 0.08 285 25 the average degree Periodontitis of 6.02 [+ or -] 0.12 320 32 the severe degree
The successful management of periodontal pockets associated with infrabony defects through nonsurgical treatment alone is an unpredictable treatment modality.
The results of this study were evaluated on the basis of periodontal pocket depth, bleeding index andmobility.
With advanced periodontitis, the periodontal pockets get deeper and the gums may recede farther.
Furthermore all the BRONJ patients have a pathological periodontal pocket of 4 mm at least (Table 2).
This fact can make easier the use of such webs in the pockets formed in the gums as a result of periodontal infections," Zamani further added.Elaborating on the advantages of this research, she said, "By using such a system, the patient refers to the specialist only once for the insertion of the device into the periodontal pocket, and there is no need to take out the device later.""This will lessen the cost and time, and increases the applicability of the device to a great extent," Zamani said.According to Zamani, the controlled release of the drug from the electrospun nanofibre web will last for 19 to 23 days, while the longest reported period in various systems of the controlled local release of the drug for the treatment of periodontal diseases has been 14 days.
According to the study, "the miswak has many medicinal properties and can fight plaque, gum line recession, tooth wear, gingivitis, and periodontal pocket depths."
Dash also had a deep periodontal pocket around another tooth, and bone loss at the root of her lower central incisors (two little front teeth on her bottom jaw).
Local delivery devices are systems designed to deliver agents locally into periodontal pocket but without any mechanism to retain therapeutic levels for a prolonged period of time.
As plaque grows and hardens, it can eventually make its way into the space between your teeth and gums (called a periodontal pocket), infecting the gum tissue.

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