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Trends in caesarean section rate, perinatal mortality rate, and case-fatality rate at NWMH, 1957-1998 Year CS Overall PNMR PNMRin CS cases Case-fatality rate rate (per 1,000 (per 1,000 CS) (per 100,000 CS) births) 1957-1961 1.
The perinatal mortality rate in cases of eclampsia in our study was found to be 33.
Prevalence and factors influencing perinatal mortality in rural Mysore, India.
Out of them 660 cases were of perinatal deaths (557 stillbirths and 103 early neonatal deaths) giving a perinatal mortality rate 140/1000 deliveries.
The stillbirth rates for the intervention and control groups were 10 and 16 per 1,000 births, respectively, and the perinatal mortality rates for the two groups were 14 and 23 per 1,000 births, respectively.
In developing countries, approximately half of deaths in babies aged below one year occur in the neonatal period (1) Therefore, the perinatal mortality rate is one of the main elements which reflect community health (1).
In this investigation, the authors sought to systematically conduct perinatal audits of all stillbirths and early neonatal deaths at TAH in order to identify avoidable factors in perinatal deaths that could inform the design of targeted interventions aimed at reducing perinatal mortality.
Increasing opportunities of infection will lead to inflammation in the vagina and cervix, therefore increasing the risk of fetus or neonate death and leading to higher perinatal mortality.
The high perinatal mortality in women with HDP is mainly due to premature delivery and growth restriction [4, 5].
Shafqat et al has reported a high perinatal mortality of 68%, the reason of this high perinatal mortality was because all these babies were delivered 30 minutes after the delivery of the 1st twin16.
The review was prompted by a report from the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee (PMMRC) which found that Counties Manukau DHB has had higher than average perinatal mortality rates.
2006 Neonatal and Perinatal Mortality Country, Regional and Global Estimates.

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