pericardial friction rub

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1. to move something over a surface with friction.
2. the action of such movement.
friction rub an auscultatory sound caused by the rubbing together of two serous surfaces, as in pericardial rub; called also rub.
pericardial rub (pericardial friction rub) a scraping or grating noise heard with the heart beat, usually a to-and-fro sound, associated with an inflamed pericardium. Patients often complain of pleuritic discomfort that radiates in the chest, especially during inhalation. This condition must be distinguished from angina pectoris.
pleural rub (pleuritic rub) a friction rub caused by friction between the visceral and costal pleurae.

per·i·car·di·al fric·tion sound

a to-and-fro grating, rasping, or, rarely, creaking sound heard over the heart in some cases of pericarditis, due to rubbing of the inflamed pericardial surfaces as the heart contracts and relaxes; during normal sinus rhythm it is usually triphasic; during any rhythm it may be biphasic or uniphasic.

pericardial friction rub

Etymology: Gk, peri, around, kardia, heart; L, fricare, to rub; ME, rubben
the rubbing together of inflamed membranes of the pericardium, as may occur in pericarditis or after a myocardial infarction. It produces a sound audible on auscultation. Also called pericardial murmur, pericardial rub.


pertaining to the pericardium.

pericardial diaphragmatic hernia
pericardial effusion
the second stage of pericarditis when much inflammatory exudate accumulates, part of a general edematous state or in cases of neoplasia involving the epicardium or pericardium. Characterized by enlargement of the cardiac silhouette on radiography and outline on percussion, muffling of heart sounds and congestive heart failure due to compression of the heart by cardiac tamponade.
pericardial fibrosis
a chronic change in pericarditis, leading to constriction that limits diastolic ventricular volume. See also constrictive pericarditis.
pericardial friction rub
see pericardial rub.
pericardial inflammation
pericardial knock
an early diastolic sound caused by loss of pericardial elasticity accompanying fibrosis that limits ventricular filling.
pericardial meridian points
acupuncture points located along the pericardial meridian.
pericardial paracentesis
pericardial tamponade
see cardiac tamponade.