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n a substance with fragrant properties; typically a combination of alcohols and essential oils with aromatic properties; derived from plant extracts or synthesized.

Patient discussion about perfume

Q. What is the ingredient in perfume or Cologne that will trigger an asthma attack? There is something in cologne/perfume that's not in body spray that triggers my asthma. I went out with a friend and he had on cologne and my asthma starting bothering me. Before going out my asthma hadn't bothered me in months because I stay away from things that may trigger an attack. This often happens with other things like bleach, ajax or any bad odor

A. Anything that irritates the nose and bronchi can cause an attack. No one really knows why...but it does. Cigarettes and pollution are common cause also.

Q. I am allergic to most of artificial perfumes and body sprays. is there is any method of treatment? If posible, also i need some advices about how to keep my body odour fresh and cool.

A. It depends what you mean by allergic. If you mean that all deodorants/ perfumes and such cause you skin rash - or eczema (a type of mild dermatitis), then it is a very known reaction to ingredients in those products that contain alcohol. You should buy only product that say 'anti-perspirant' on them, meaning they are less likely to cause such allergies. If you are suffering from mal body odur you should bathe twice a day (and use also an 'anti-perspirant' soap.) and consult a dermatologist on the proper treatment for you.

Q. I was told that platinum is used in fragrances for the fullness of the spray. Please tell me more! Three years ago I was diagnosed with off the lab chart levels of platinum in my body. I have no hobby or avenue for exposure other than my work. I have sold fragrances for over ten years. Even the Regional EPA Air Quality person doesnt know where I am getting this. I was told by a health director who made some calls. He told me that platinum is used in fragrances for the "fullness of the spray". Would you please tell me more about this? Thank you!

A. Thank you Joseph83! What list of materials shall I look at? I know that the FDA doesn't regulate these products; also, I wonder if there is a masking name for platinum. I have so much of this in me, it just has to come from somewhere! I'm amazed that the EPA SUPPOSEDLY doesn't know where its coming from either.

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But the more you study the lavish pages of this beautifully-produced book with its impeccable photographs of dazzling perfume bottles (which most of us will never even find much less afford), the more you are struck by the quality of the early designs an d packaging.
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Examples complete with their original box are always in demand, as seen recently in Bonhams when a "Golden Morn" frosted, stained and polished perfume bottle and stopper, circa 1918 and made for Dubarry of London by Julien Viard, just 4in (10cm) high made pounds 2,400.
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