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In experimental psychology, an object or goal of motivated behavior.
[LL. incentivus, provocative]


Any stimulus that encourages a desired response. Incentives may be provided to patients (e.g., to ensure adherence to treatment plans), to practitioners (e.g., to improve productivity or job performance), or to students (e.g., to improve grades).

financial incentive

A cash payment made to a patient who achieves a health-related goal such as sustaining a weight loss over a 6-month period or maintaining abstinence from a toxic substance.
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If he achieved all of his performance incentives - and there are almost 60 subcategories, ranging from bonuses for Oregon winning a national championship or achieving a graduation rate of 100 percent to a bonus of $2,000 for winning the Civil War - Kelly could earn $556,250 this year, not counting the signing bonus.
At the general meeting held in September, shareholders approved the amendment to the articles of association of the Company to provide for a new C Share class to be managed and accounted for as a separate fund and the proposed C Shares fund management and performance incentive arrangements with both Calculus Capital and Investec Structured Products.
Many state agencies and local governments use performance incentive contracts to collect bad debt, although they probably do not put the "PIC" label on their approach.
The proposed management and performance incentive arrangements to be entered into in respect of the C Shares fund and the proposed commission payment of 5.
California's High Performance Incentive Grant program promotes high performing sustainable building practices, so that a school's infrastructure and materials maximize energy efficiency.
Full year results 2007 2006 Change Investment advisory fees $35,165,043 $20,246,624 74% Performance incentive fees 174,292 7,947,434 (98%) Mutual fund administration, net 5,968,603 3,710,141 61% Total Revenue $41,307,938 $31,904,199 29% Net operating income $14,078,489 $9,768,568 44% Net operating income margin 34.
This Alternative Quality Contract is an option that combines two forms of payments: a global or fixed payment per patient, per year, adjusted for the health of patients: and substantial performance incentives tied to the latest nationally-accepted measures of quality, effectiveness and patient experience of care.
Performance incentive fees, which are volatile from period to period, were insignificant in both the third quarter of 2007 and 2006.
The Department of General Services' Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) announced today that regulations have been approved to allow it to begin the process of awarding $100 million in High Performance Incentive Grants to California schools for more energy and resource efficient "green" classrooms.
Management Fee, Performance Incentive, and Management Internalization
This is a cost plus award term, performance incentive fee contract.
Additionally, shareholders ratified the selection of Ernst & Young as BD's independent registered public accounting firm and approved BD's Performance Incentive Plan.

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