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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 22, 2019-: Performance Enhancing Drugs Market 2019 Global Industry Size, Share, Worldwide Segmentation, Regional Analysis with Prestige Players Till 2023
RGC rugby player Maredydd Francis has received a four-year ban for using performance enhancing drugs and other banned substances.
WHY are athletes accused of taking performance enhancing drugs demonised when sportsmen with records of onfield violence are, putting it mildly, more readily tolerated?
ORGANISERS of a huge video gaming festival set to take place in Coventry say players could be kicked out of tournaments at the venue if they are found to be taking performance enhancing drugs.
Figures from agencies in Liverpool show 385 individuals, or 83 per cent of people, who visited a needle exchange provided by an agency during the year were users of steroids or performance enhancing drugs. Most of these, 87 per cent, were men.
Tracy McGrady, who recently retired from the NBA, said he actually considered using performance enhancing drugs to rejuvenate his career at the time injuries hampered his play on the court.
DISGRACED cyclist Lance Armstrong has reached a settlement with The Sunday Times who he sued for a PS1m over an article suggesting he was using performance enhancing drugs before his confession.
Sydney, Apr 23 ( ANI ): Convicted drug dealer Shane Charter has admitted that he had helped footballers and rugby players use performance enhancing drugs.
LAS VEGAS -- Irked by insinuations that his athletes, headed by Juan Manuel Marquez, may be taking performance enhancing drugs, strength and conditioning expert Angel Hernandez on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) said he's willing to submit them to Olympic drug testing throughout the year.
Performance enhancing drugs are toxic - they poison dreams.
MANNY PACQUIAO has filed a lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather Jr and Golden Boy Promotions boss Oscar de la Hoya over allegations he has used performance enhancing drugs.
Does the future of humanity lie in performance enhancing drugs? "Uncontrolled Substance: The Solution" tells of a future saturated with enhanced drugs in a world that values performance and perfection among all else.

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