perforating arteries

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perforating arteries

three arteries that branch from the deep artery of the thigh as it descends anterior to the adductor brevis muscle. All three penetrate through the adductor magnus near its attachment to the linea aspera to enter and supply the posterior compartment of thigh. The ascending and descending branches of the vessels interconnect to form a longitudinal channel that participates in forming an anastomotic network of vessels around the hip and inferiorly anastomoses with branches of the popliteal artery behind the knee.

per·fo·rat·ing ar·te·ries

(pĕr'fŏr-āt-ing ahr'tĕr-ēz)
Origin, arteria profunda femoris; distribution, as three or four vessels that pass through the aponeurosis of the adductor magnus to the posterior and anterior compartments of the thigh.
Synonym(s): arteriae perforantes [TA] .
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Grand, 1980 [7], described 3 types of perforating arteries according to origin point in the middle cerebral artery course:
1-In 14%, the perforating arteries with great diameter are more frequent in the first half of MI.
2-In 39%, they arise in the distal half of distal Ml segment, just before its bifurcation 3-In 47%, they arise as perforating arteries with big outer diameter after the major division of Ml segment.

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