Perfect Storm

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An event that reaches criticality through an exceptionally rare combination of circumstances
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The Perfect Storm is a USA-made folder with a clipped-point Tanto blade rooted in Asian design.
Perfect Storm Media, founded in 2005 by Tom Nabielec, converts "pay-per-click" Google Adwords advertising spend into a commission expense as a percentage of sales via its unique "Pay-per-Sale" Search Engine Marketing system.
If the Frankenstorm" hits New York, the city could shut down its mass-transit system ahead of time to prevent people from being trapped in underground floods caused by the latest perfect storm.
Organizations are being forced to rethink their security stance as a result of this perfect storm of technology trends.
It's a perfect storm of adversity now facing airlines," Tim Clark told newswire Dow Jones.
Chief financial officer Philip Bowcock said: "We had the perfect storm - we had a very good movie at a bank holiday when it rained.
We've created a perfect storm for childhood obesity - media, advertising, and inactivity," the Telegraph quoted the lead author, Dr Victor Strasburger, as saying.
Analysts at Evolution Securities said the figures showed "the impact of a perfect storm on the sector".
The Perfect Storm Sky Movies Action & Adventure, 10.
The retail property sector was hit by the perfect storm.
For more information on the Perfect Storm promotion and the America's Defenders Rebate Program, visit www.
Longford was an idealistic -- perhaps too idealistic -- man crushed by a perfect storm of events in confluence, and Broadbent subtly underscores the tragedy in the man's life.