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1. Coming after fourth, as in order, rank, or time.
2. Being the outermost digit, as on a hand.

fifth n.

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Q. fifth month of pregnancy... Hey guys, as always, just wanted to let you know my wife and I are getting into fifth. so far doing good and we have some news.......... we're gonna have a girl!!! I'm so happy.... now the name is actually the problem... is true that orange is the new pink??

A. Thank you!! Can you share any tips for this time?? Happy new year by the way...

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Thus we are entitled to deduce that in opus 106, had Beethoven really intended the sound of the perfect fifth, he would have chosen to notate the upper note as E# instead of F.
Wheeldon makes rudimentary moves look new--when two dancers faced one another, each raised one arm, together forming a perfect fifth position.
Particularly noteworthy is the perfect fifth between the bass and treble sustained for nine beats while the tenor melody moves, creating a drone-like effect.
Brown pitched a perfect fifth inning but told Tracy he couldn't pitch the sixth because of the pain.