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1. Coming after fourth, as in order, rank, or time.
2. Being the outermost digit, as on a hand.

fifth n.
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Q. fifth month of pregnancy... Hey guys, as always, just wanted to let you know my wife and I are getting into fifth. so far doing good and we have some news.......... we're gonna have a girl!!! I'm so happy.... now the name is actually the problem... is true that orange is the new pink??

A. Thank you!! Can you share any tips for this time?? Happy new year by the way...

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If despite the absurd notation as a diminished sixth (A#-F) the sound of a perfect fifth (Bb-F) had been intended, then the logical pedal indication should have started at the upbeat to in.
If we ignore register, there is no way to determine whether the interval is that of a perfect fourth or a perfect fifth. So, when dealing with pitch class, we must consider interval inversions to be equivalent" (29).
Equally important to Pythagoras was the 2:3 ratio between the tones of the "perfect fifth" (the opening notes of "My Favorite Things") and the 3:4 ratio in the "perfect fourth" (the start of "Auld Lang Syne").
For example, E-C is either a third or sixth (consonant--C), while G-D is either a perfect fourth (dissonant--D) or perfect fifth (consonant--C).
Since the time of the ancient Greeks, we have known that two tones whose frequencies were related by a simple ratio like 2:1 (an octave) or 3:2 (a perfect fifth) produce the most pleasing, or consonant, musical intervals.
On a rare overcast and windy day in southwest Florida, Papelbon threw 11 pitches in a perfect fifth inning and earned the victory in Boston's 2-1 win yesterday that gave the Minnesota Twins their first loss in five games.
These accumulated motives are all referenced in the final song." The intervals are 1) minor second, 2) major second, 3) perfect fourth and tritone, and 4) major third and perfect fifth. All are more or less embedded in semitone dissonance, resulting in perfect atonality.
Wheeldon makes rudimentary moves look new--when two dancers faced one another, each raised one arm, together forming a perfect fifth position.
Particularly noteworthy is the perfect fifth between the bass and treble sustained for nine beats while the tenor melody moves, creating a drone-like effect.
The interval between the second and third partials is a perfect fifth. When Stockhausen encountered a duration proportion of 2:3 or 3:2 between any two durations in the rhythmic structures, he used this proportion to generate an interval of a perfect fifth, with a possible "adjustment" of the interval to that of a diminished or augmented fifth.
When he stood at the barre in his black character shoes and white socks, highly-arched insteps in a perfect fifth, jaunty hips below a chest as proud as any robin sitting on a lawn, bespectacled nose under unruly black curls, you knew why fifth position existed on earth.