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To perforate—e.g., the vaginal vault, endometrium, colon, etc. — as an unfortunate, but not uncommon complication of a minimally invasive procedure
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Founded in November 2007, Perf Go Green premiered at the March 2008 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, where its products received an honor for their design quality and innovation.
PERF is a nonprofit membership organization of police professionals who are committed to advancing police services to all communities through research, national leadership, debate and technical assistance.
For more information on how SECURE PERF may be incorporated into tamper evident security systems, contact Bob Frucci, CGM-AST Director for North America at 800-899-2246, or Gina Levinson, Director for International Business at +732-751-1044.
We expect that this Perf Go Green delivery will last the organization for about one heating season.
This is a major milestone for our commercial conversion sales efforts," said Perf Go Green Chairman and CEO Tony Tracy.
We've received tremendous feedback and excitement in our conversations already and look forward to our continued success in representing Perf Go Green's expanding product line.
Since completing its share exchange transaction in mid-May, Perf Go Green has:
Now, with Perf Go Green's products, the tens of thousands of conventional plastic garbage bags we once used will be a thing of the past.
Our distribution partnership with Walgreens marks a big step forward for Perf Go Green, providing for widespread availability of our products," said Chief Marketing Officer Linda Daniels.
With their extensive industry contacts and understanding of emerging trends and buying patterns, Sharon Associates will be instrumental to our distribution to major national retailers," said Perf Go Green Chairman and CEO Tony Tracy.
Ultimately, it comes down to education and more environmentally conscious decisions, and that's where Perf Go Green and CEDA have similar missions.