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A salt or ester of perchloric acid.
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Usually it is heat that activates perchlorates, but the research shows that in the absence of heat on the normally chilly Mars, radiation can fill in to get the job done.
Ecologic, experimental, and observational studies have examined relationships of perchlorate exposure with thyroid hormones in adults, pregnant women, adolescents, and infants (Brechner et al.
Specialty Chemicals primarily supplies rocket-grade ammonium perchlorate used in solid propellant rockets, booster motors and missiles that are utilised by the US Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
27 ( ANI ): An investigation has revealed that perchlorate - a salt comprising of chlorine and oxygen - causes the evidence of life to burn away during the tests.
A large scale application of lithium perchlorate nowadays also refers, however, to lithium ion batteries characterized by excellent energy performances.
Environmental Protection Agency study examined perchlorate levels in an Oklahoma lake that held fireworks every fourth of July.
The high concentration of perchlorates is likely to exist across Martian soil, Hecht says.
Cleanup of perchlorates in soil and groundwater present a lucrative market opportunity in western states where Department of Defense contractors manufactured and produced various types of rocket fuels since WWII.
Chemical reactions can produce perchlorates from chlorides, but an intermediate step is the formation of oxychlorines - a class of highly oxidising chemicals that includes household bleach.