Peptostreptococcus magnus

Pep·to·strep·to·coc·cus mag·'nus

a bacterial species found in putrefying butcher's meat and in a case of appendicitis.
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1 Fusobacterium symbiosum 1 Fusobacterium varium 2 Mobiluncus 2 Peptostreptococcus anaerobius 4 Peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus 7 Peptostreptococcus magnus 8 Peptostreptococcus prevotii 8 Peptostreptococcus ssp.
diphtheriae biotype mitis was obtained from a patient with one mixed culture with Peptostreptococcus magnus and Peptostreptococcuss [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] a patient who had a purulent knee infection after a fracture.