Peplau, Hildegard E.

Etymology: 1909-1999
a pioneer in nursing theory development and a proponent in the 1950s of the concept that nursing is an interpersonal process. Borrowing heavily from the knowledge base of psychology, Peplau proposed hypotheses based on the premise of the interpersonal process. From the early work evolved a nursing goal to foster the assumption that humans value, strive for, and have a right to independence. In a 1952 work, Peplau wrote that the nurse-patient relationship occurs in phases during which the nurse functions as a resource person, a counselor, and a surrogate. The four phases of the process are orientation, identification, exploitation, and resolution. The nurse assists in orientation when a patient with a need seeks help. Identification assures the patient that the nurse can understand his or her situation. Exploitation begins when the patient uses the services available. Resolution is marked as old needs are met and newer ones emerge.
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Ao estabelecer assistencia de enfermagem a uma adolescente primipara, considerando os pressupostos da Teoria Interpessoal de Hildegard Peplau foi possivel sistematizar e orientar as ancoes e atuacao do enfenneiro junto a mae adolescente m dais cenarios distintos mostrandose inteiramente eficaz e pertinente no contexto.
The great psychiatric nursing theorist Hildegard Peplau described three major components of nursing art--medium, process and product.
Loneliness can be viewed as a psychological state in which people consider their relationships to be limited or inadequate in terms of quantity or quality (Perlman & Peplau, 1981).
Just world beliefs (JWB; Rubin & Peplau, 1975).
In fact, dating couples who terminate their relationships frequently list boredom as a general reason (Hill, Rubin, & Peplau, 1976).
Peplau (9) describio los cuidados que brindamos como "interaccion terapeutica", es esta una relacion entre la persona que demanda (necesita) cuidado, en este caso la paciente mencionada, y una enfermera que pueda brindarselo representada en nosotras como estudiantes de enfermeria.
ONLY ONCE IN MY PROFESSIONAL CAREER did I have the opportunity to have a "one-on-one" conversation with Hildegard Peplau.
Convergent validity was demonstrated using the UCLA Loneliness Scale (Russell, Peplau, & Ferguson, 1978), r = - .
UCLA Loneliness Scale The UCLA Loneliness Scale was developed by Russell, Peplau, and Cutrona (1980) to determine individual levels of loneliness.
The final section of the packet contained two reliable and valid measures designed to assess social psychological well-being: the Collective Self-esteem Scale (Luhtanen & Crocker, 1991) and the UCLA Loneliness Scale (Russell, Peplau, & Cutrona, 1980).
Research by Peplau and Cochran (1990) also revealed that there is little difference between heterosexual marriage and committed gay relationships.
Peplau kept copious records of events and teaching materials, maintained a personal journal, and corresponded regularly with family and friends.