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/pen·ta·starch/ (pen´tah-stahrch″) an artificial colloid derived from a waxy starch and used as an adjunct in leukapheresis to increase the erythrocyte sedimentation rate.


(pĕn′ tŭ-stahrch)
A plasma volume expander derived from amylopectin. It is a colloidal solution similar to hetastarch, but with a lower average molecular weight. It is used to support blood pressure in critical situations, such as the treatment of sepsis, shock, or trauma.

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CD133, a pentaspan transmembrane protein, is regarded as a stem cell marker used to identify tumor initiating cells, especially in colorectal cancer.
The blood pressure dropped once, and a bolus of pentastarch (5 mL/kg; Pentaspan, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Montreal, Canada) and lactated Ringer's solution (10 mL/kg) was given intravenously.
received 250 cc Pentaspan and improvement noted in left sided arm and leg weakness--no left arm drift and no left leg ataxia noted, motor strength left leg improved, i.