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(vī'rē-on, vir'ē-on),
The complete virus particle that is structurally intact and infectious.
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A virologist colleague had shown Twarock a 1991 scientific article that reported that every one of the 72 capsomers of a polyoma-type virus called Simian Virus 40 (SV-40) is a pentamer. That was troubling, not only because Caspar and Klug's theory doesn't permit such a configuration but also because it was well known, even to floor tilers, that five-sided units can't lie side by side in a seamless pattern.
The 2.4 A crystal structure of cholera toxin B subunit pentamer: choleragenoid.
Locked nucleic acid pentamers as universal PCR primers for genomic DNA amplification.
In plasma, CRP exists as a cyclic pentamer. However, CRP can undergo dissociation, upon exposure to acidic or inflammatory conditions, thereby acquiring distinct functionality [25, 26].
To study the HCMV-specific CD8+ T-cell population, an HLA-[A.sup.*] 0201 pentamer bound to an immunodominant HCMV epitope (pp65, NLVPMVATV) APC-labeled (Proimmune, Oxford, UK) was used.
The outer shell of the PyV capsid is constructed of 360 molecules of the major capsid protein VP1, organised into 72 pentamers, with each pentamer associated with a single copy of the minor structural protein VP2 or VP3.
It was a mixture of low molecular weight oligomers (around dimer 40 wt%, trimer 35 wt%, tetramer 15 wt%, and pentamer and higher 10 wt%) with two to seven butyl groups and already contained a premixed initiator butylchlorotin dihydroxide ([C.sub.4] [H.sub.9] [S.sub.n] [(OH).sub.2] Cl, [M.sub.w] = 245.29, 0.35 wt%) which could initiate CBT into high molecular weight poly(butylene terephthalate).
Three outer loops (BC, DE, and HI) are exposed outside the pentamer core and are most likely recognized by antibodies.
Astilbin shows superior ACE inhibition activity even in comparison to proanthocyanidins, a class of natural products regarded as the most potent ACE inhibitors from plants, including epicatechin dimer ([pIC.sub.50] = 3.6), trimer ([pIC.sub.50 = 3.9), tetramer ([pIC.sub.50] = 4.9), pentamer ([pIC.sub.50] = 4.6) and hexamer ([pIC.sub.50] = 5.0) (Actis-Goretta et al.
The pentamer's remaining arm then latches onto the multicolored neighbor to the left of the blue one; that neighbor, however, does not extend an arm back.
Proanthocyanidins (PA) detected in GSE by MALDI-TOFMS in reflection mode PA Number of galloyl unit Observed [[M + Na].sup.+] Dimer 0 601 1 753 Trimer 0 889 1 1041 2 1193 3 1345 Tetramer 0 1177 1 1329 2 1481 Pentamer 0 1465.5 (1466 calculated) 1 1618 Hexamer 0 1754 1 1907 Heptamer 0 2041.7 (2042 calculated) Octamer 0 2330 Nonamer 0 2619 Identification of flavan-3-ol and proanthocyanidin metabolites