spongy urethra

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spong·y u·re·thra

the portion of the male urethra, about 15 cm in length, which traverses the corpus spongiosum.
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The first and most common (Group 1) was a long "pan-penile" stricture involving the majority of the penile urethra in the setting of previous (and often multiple) hypospadias surgery.
In present case, narrowed urethral process caused formation of urethral diverticulum, which was seen pre-scrotally as a localized fluctuant swelling on ventral aspect of penile urethra. However, it may also be located in pre-scrotal, scrotal or post-scrotal location (Sindak et al., 2010).
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There was little or no variation in the length of penile urethra between late castrated goats and control kids of BBG, and the values were 19.420.1.63 cm and 20.830.88cm, respectively for 10th week and 12th week castrated bucks.
A fluid-filled pocket (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)) ventral to the penile urethra was seen and the urine was observed dripping from the prepuce and urethral process.
The controversy over the best means of reconstructing the penile urethra has been renewed and, in recent years, free grafts have been making a comeback, with fewer surgeons using genital flaps [16, 17].
Abdominal CT revealed a 25x40x55 mm calcification lodged in the prostatic urethra, a 30x40x70 mm calcification lodged in the penile urethra and an anterior bladder diverticulum of the aforementioned size (Figure 2a-c).
If the bladder stones are small, they can also pass into the penile urethra, where they lodge against the os penis bone.
Urethral calculi are preponderantly found in the prostatic urethra, the bulb, the proximal penile urethra, the fossa navicularis and external meatus.
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(2) Contrastingly, grafts are much easier to harvest, with minimal donor site morbidity, faster to use, and the fears of poor graft take in the penile urethra are unfounded based on several reports.