Vaughan, English surgeon, 1869-1946. See: Pendred syndrome.
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MMA star Cathal Pendred went viral on social media in 2014 when he rescued a stranded dolphin on a beach in Doonbeg, Co Clare.
In addition, Charles Pendred has been appointed a an independent non-executive chair with immediate effect.
In 1997, the gene responsible for Pendred syndrome was identified as SLC26A4 (31).
Congratulations to Wallace Hall Academy S1 pupil Miles Pendred who has just been presented with his Army Cadet Force (ACF) basic badge, his air rifle badge and a certificate in Emergency Life Support.
Previous studies have reported that Pendred Syndrome (PDS) contributes approximately 4.7-7.2% of recessive hereditary deafness in Pakistani population.
Pendred Noyce (editor) and Katie Coppens (editor); SEVEN STORIES ABOUT THE MOON; Tumblehome Learning (Fiction: General) 11.95 ISBN: 9781943431335
Para el primer grupo se ha encontrado asociacion con trastornos geneticos como el sindrome de Pendred, el de Alagille, el branquiotorrenal, y con la asociacion CHARGE (6).
Loughnan Pendred, mess-president of the IMechE's Council Dining Club, had the idea of commissioning a table decoration for the club's meetings--a silver model of the Rocket, in honour of the first and second IMechE presidents, George and Robert Stephenson.
Pendrin mutation leads to goiter and sensorineural hearing loss, known as Pendred syndrome [24].
For example, Pendred syndrome is the most common deaf syndrome that manifests cochlear development abnormalities and sensorineural hearing loss, in parallel with diffuse thyroid enlargement [7].