Vaughan, English surgeon, 1869-1946. See: Pendred syndrome.
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The most common syndromes that are accompanied by hearing loss include Pendred, Usher, Branchio-oto-renal (BOR), Waardenburg, and Alport syndromes (3).
Lobov is hoping that fighting on home soil will provide him with a similar launchpad that was enjoyed by Paddy Holohan, Cathal Pendred and Neil Seery in 2014, and Aisling Daly in 2015.
SLC26A4 encodes pendrin protein, is associated with Pendred syndrome and enlarged vestibular aqueduct (EVA).
Claudia Pendred, EBRD, Director Property and Tourism, added: We are delighted to lend and mobilise long-term financing for Arena Centre.
Syndromes associated with hearing loss or progressive or late- onset hearing loss such as neurofibromatosis, osteopetrosis and Usher syndrome; other frequently identified syndromes include Waardenburg, Alport, Pendred and Jervell and Lange-Nielson.
JOSE Aldo doesn't stand a chance against Conor McGregor in the hugely anticipated UFC title bout - according to former star Cathal Pendred.
In their ninth fixture, against Leamington, Powell and Rose beat both Andy Cowden/William Pendred and Rupert Larkin/Ross Boyd while Baghdadi and Keenes beat Cowden and Pendred but just lost to Larkin and Boyd.
Catherine Carby was a dark-voiced, passionate Brangane; Stuart Pendred a suave, honey-tongued Kurwenal and Frode Olsen, tall and eerily pale of voice, an otherworldly King Marke.
Coming out of a training camp with the likes of fellow Irishman Cathal Pendred and Peter Queally, Fields described it is the best it has ever been.
It will also strengthen market standards in Egypt," said Claudia Pendred, the director of property and tourism at the EBRD.
Pendred Noyce of Weston said, "There is a hell of a lot going on for school districts in this commonwealth,'' including new teacher evaluations, relatively new curriculum frameworks and new requirements for teachers to better serve English language learners.
Eventually, her sons were diagnosed in 2009 with a genetic condition called Pendred syndrome, which results in abnormalities inside the ear, causing deafness.