Pencil Cells

A dark thin cell which is one of several types found in the gallbladder mucosa
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Tenders are invited for Head Light For Gangman To See In Poor Visibility Conditions Of Rly Track With Four Chargeable Pencil Cells With Chagrger Of Four Cells Head Light Led 3Watt
In addition, a flashlight, guns, 125 meters of flexi wire and five pencil cells were also recovered and confiscated.
The police claimed that pencil cells were used in the blasts.
The normochromic blood film showed pencil cells, some elliptocytes, and erythrocyte fragments.
Another consideration is that pencil cells tend to have applications in high-drain appliances, like personal stereos, for which alkaline batteries are more appropriate.
It can be powered by four pencil cells or an AC supply.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Pencil Cells, Tapes, Lugs, Fuses Etc