pelvic fascia

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pel·vic fas·ci·a

includes parietal and visceral components: the fascia pelvis parietalis and the fascia pelvis visceralis.
Synonym(s): fascia pelvis [TA], fascia pelvica

pel·vic fas·cia

(pel'vik fash'ē-ă) [TA]
General term for the fascia lining the pelvic cavity (fascia pelvis parietalis) and investing the pelvic viscera (fascia pelvis visceralis).

pelvic fascia

The fascia within the pelvic cavity. It is extremely important in maintaining normal strength in the pelvic floor.
See: diaphragm, pelvic
See also: fascia
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Therefore, the mechanical behaviour of the fatfree endopelvic fascia itself consisting of elastin and collagen embedded in the ground matrix is adopted from the curve fit of the uniaxial tensile experiment performed on the human transversalis fascia [47] which is continuous with the pelvic fasciae. For adipose tissue and smooth muscle, corresponding literature [39, 50] was reviewed and fitted with (18).