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Excluding the six bone fragments, the 72 human bones from the burial included one cranium (#35), one mandible (#34), articulated partial left and right maxillary bones with no teeth remaining in the sockets (#7), 23 long bones, three clavicles, three scapulae, 12 pre-sacral vertebrae, two pelvic bones, 11 ribs, and nine hand or foot bones.
Due to both its shape and structural architecture, the mechanics of the pelvic bone is not yet well understood.
The baby is fully formed with its head resting on the pelvis, ready to be born; The mother's pelvic bone must snap open to allow the baby's head to pass through; Bone goes back into place.
Muniappan said the doctors told him his son suffered a ruptured bladder, a fractured pelvic bone, and he had lost a lot of blood after the accident.
De Lima, in an email to the Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2009, enumerated the following as the ones they exhumed: forearm bone, bone fragment, another bone fragment of a skull from site 1; bone fragment of a skull, incomplete lone bone, part of an arm bone from site 2; forearm bone, a thigh bone, skull with parts missing (the one with a gunshot mark) from site 3; arm bone, three leg bones, a thigh bone, and a long bone fragment from site 4; 107 pieces of bones and bone fragments, six vertebral backbones, two collar bones, 19 rib fragments, two arm bones, one forearm bone (ulna), one forearm bone (radius), two thigh bones, and two pelvic bone fragments.
Vicky Lowe, 39, of Colwyn Bay, has bone cancer which is present in her back, rib and pelvic bone.
Hughes, 18, has been outstanding in pre-season after recovering from a stress fracture of a pelvic bone and is certain to be in today's side for the opener against Blackburn.
It was discovered she had two large tumours above her pelvic bone and cancer in her lungs and elsewhere.
David only had the one area in his pelvic bone and I am pleased to say this is giving him very little trouble now.
Further remains were later found, including an upper left leg, pelvic bone and tibia, which were discovered near each other and did not appear to be buried.
GARETH Barry is a major doubt for the game at Liverpool on Monday after a scan revealed he suffered bruising to his pelvic bone during training earlier this week.
It works by making a threedimensional model of the patient's pelvic bone and hip joint, which allows surgeons to plan the exact position and size of the artificial hip components.