G.B., 19th-20th-century Italian physician. See: Pellizzi syndrome.
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James Pellizzi and Katie Robleski at Strange Trails Marketing led the rebrand efforts.
Gorlin is at the forefront of using engineering to promote safety," says Laura Pellizzi, PE, NYSSPE President.
Subsequently, Professor Giuseppe Pellizzi led the founding of the Club of Bologna and served as its first president.
Low or none demand for nitrogen fertilizer for soybean production is also recognized as an advantage from energy view (PELLIZZI, 1992; CAVALETT & ORTEGA, 2010; ROMANELLI et al.
Pellizzi and Milena Muzquiz, curated by Dorothee Dupuis
Pellizzi, Carlo, Roberto Petrognani, Mauro Wolf, and Fernando Zanella, eds.
Pellizzi shares with his tiger--that is, the art world--is not dissimilar from the one conveyed in Stendhal's aphorism: Pellizzi, ever eager to engage in a play date, never steps on the scene without wisely packing plenty of heat.
Pellizzi, 'Les premieres autoroutes realisees en Italie/Italy's first motorways', in AIPCR/PIARC 1909-1969 (Paris, 1970).