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Orlando (Pelletier), Ida Jean

(1926-2007),a nursing theorist who first described her nursing process theory in The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship (1972). Her theory stresses the reciprocal relationship between the nurse and patient and the use of the nursing process to meet the patient's need and thus alleviate distress. Three elements-patient behavior, nurse reaction, and nursing actions-comprise a nursing situation. Orlando divided actions into those that are either automatic or deliberate. Perceptions, thoughts, and feelings are not explored in automatic actions. Deliberate actions are those that may yield solutions to problems and also prevent problems. She focused on the patient's verbal and nonverbal expressions of needs. The nurse reacts to the patient's behavior by discerning both the meaning of the distress and what would alleviate the distress. Orlando's contribution as a theorist has advanced nursing from personal and automatic responses to disciplined and professional practice responses.
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Following this respectful confrontation, Governor Patrick publicly announced for the first time that he wants Justina to return home to the Pelletiers.
2) Head of the Canadian delegation Sally Rehorick, left, expresses her support for Jamie Sale after Sale and pairs partner David Pelletier learned their silver medals had been ungraded to gold.
That hospital and DCF knew literally nothing about the Pelletier family of Connecticut at that time - certainly not about life 'in the home.
The Pelletiers will discuss their challenges as a family over the past year, their efforts in Washington, D.
Pelletier said he visited Fitchburg, a city he once worked for, and spoke to its public health director about a two-toter program for garbage and recycling .
Ockham's rejection of universal essences or common natures, his insistence that all beings are absolutely particular, Pelletier is intent to show, do not necessarily preclude Ockham from developing a metaphysics.
one of them says, apparently in disbelief over the scene of Pelletier pissing in LAX.
Pelletier, these data highlight not only the importance of the interrelationship between cartilage and subchondral bone in OA, but also its potential role in the disease process and response to treatment with SYSADOAs.
You get this happening five, 10, 20 times then you start to really move these things around," said Pelletier.
As cotton gins began adding new water-spraying equipment to improve bale press operation and reduce bale tie pressure, the number of very wet bales increased, as did the need for an improved cotton-moisture sensor," Pelletier says.
This critical edition of the history of the Holy League in Chartres by Sebastien Le Pelletier, a Leaguer priest attached to the city's cathedral, is a welcome addition to the growing list of recently published source materials dealing with France's Wars of Religion.
There's a massive potential for sculpture here," says artist Marc Pelletier, co-founder of the geometric construction-kit company Zometool in Denver.