Karel, Dutch physician, 1885-1931. See: Pelger-Huët nuclear anomaly.
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In such situations, bacterial treatment has been reported to removing paraffins and other high molecular weight hydrocarbons from production equipment (Pelger, 1992).
SUNDERLAND: Carson, Weir, Harte, Hartley, Donoghue (Pelger 67), Kavanagh (Colback 64), Henderson, Chandler, Dowson, Waghorn, Dennehy.
Nilsson y Pelger (1994) analizaron la evolucion de nuestro ojo utilizando principios opticos y simulaciones en ordenador de mutaciones al azar y seleccion, concluyendo que se requieren unas 364000 generaciones, lo cual desde la perspectiva de la antiguedad de la vida sobre la Tierra implica un periodo de tiempo menor del que uno pudiese esperar.
But it won't be long before the season's selections fade from view, "and there's lots more to selling summer produce than meets the eye," says retail produce industry consultant Ron Pelger.
"Retailers really care about their business," says Ron Pelger, consultant, Ronprocon International, Reno, Nevada, and farmer director of produce merchandising for A&P in New England and New York.
'Henry Mills, a gardener, was the only one who could say where this man was buried.' The memorial created by artist Charles Pelger was unveiled in September 1980 and the body taken back to Hungary in March 1991.
Erin Kennedy Pelger teaches history at Mission Mountain School, Condon, Montana.
Nilsson and Pelger (1994) demonstrated this elegantly with a theoretical treatment of the evolution of the vertebrate eye itself.
Kristina Myers (, Cole Pelger (, Dustin Rieman (
33) patients had dysmyelopoeisis which included abnormal shaped nuclei, folded, cleaved nuclei, giant metamyelocyte, myelocyte, pseudo pelger heut anomaly, vacuolisation of the cells and maturation arrest.