Oily Fish

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A fish with 2% fat by weight. Oily fishes are 'good for you' given their high omega-3 fatty acid content
Examples Catfish, herring, mackerel, mullet, pilchards, trout, salmon, sardines, tuna—fresh
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Because they require little investment in manpower and equipment, and are efficient in catching pelagic fish, encircling gillnets are widely used by traditional fishermen.
To take an Australian example, the South Australian Pilchard Fishery can remove up to 51 000 tonnes of pelagic fish (mostly pilchards) from the southern marine ecosystems each season.
Therefore, aquaculture production of smaller pelagic fish, herring and sardines, is required to sustain these farms.
Shark fins, crabs, fish belly, jellyfish, decoration fish, mackerel and live shell fish and pelagic fish and sea weed are also potential commodities from East Java.
They include the following: ``Warm tropical water,'' ``Vast schools of pelagic fish,'' ``Gray reef, whitetip and wobbegong sharks,'' ``Way cool `ugly' critters like frogfish, crocodile fish, angler and stonefish'' and ``No seasickness.
If pulled closer to the surface, the net will trap pelagic fish such as herring.
They do not go with the flow, as do many of the pelagic fish [marlin, tuna and sharks].
In fact, the increase in tag-and-release fishing, especially during Hawaii International Billfish Association tournaments, is helping to provide much-needed information on pelagic fish.
The landing obligation already applies to pelagic fish such as herring and mackerel and it must be fully implemented for all other quota species by 2019.
Large pelagic fish declined by 2 per cent with 40,008 tonnes by the end of third quarter in 2014 compared with 40,805 tonnes during the same period in 2013.
Two other early projects are designed to help the migratory pelagic fish species of the world:
Pelagic literally means 'open sea' and pelagic fish are those that inhabit both shallow inshore and oceanic offshore regions.