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A gene on chromosome 11q13.2 that encodes a coactivating protein that may function as a nuclear receptor coactivator, enhancing transcription through other coactivators (e.g., NCOA6 and CITED1) or as a transcriptional repressor, depending on the expressed isoform.


(sĭp) [ME. sippen]
1. To take a small quantity of liquid or nourishment into the mouth.
2. A small quantity of liquid, i.e., the amount that can be taken into the mouth with gentle suction.
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Cutting edge technology enables us to track, analyze, and protect all types of content & assets including Movies, Music, Video Games, Software, Books, Images, Logos, Brands, Trademarks, Products, and Text across multiple Peer-to-Peer protocols (P2P) and websites globally.
Loudeye has built a solution to handle the tremendous levels of content available and user traffic currently present on global peer-to-peer protocols.

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