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To apportion a thing.


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Scottish Health Authorities Revenue Equalisation
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Peer-to-peer networks provide essentially the same functional benefits as LANs.
The book documents instances where efforts to disseminate science and health information through social networking or peer-to-peer networks fell short of desired outcomes.
As a result, European content owners across the music, film/video, game and software industries will have access to Loudeye's industry leading and proven piracy protection services for prohibiting the illegal distribution of copyrighted material on the world's peer-to-peer networks.
In peer-to-peer networks, users cooperate instead of competing--they provide alternative paths to other users when the shortest (i.
Juvenile users of peer-to-peer networks are at significant risk of inadvertent exposure to pornography, including child pornography.
ARTISTdirect and MediaDefender are able to deliver a massive audience from the peer-to-peer networks that no one else can, and in turn, will allow us to offer exclusive media content to our fans.
One side CD, the other DVD, this hybrid could be the recording industry's best defense against music pirating and illegal downloading on peer-to-peer networks.
Sources said Wednesday that the first wave of litigation will target movie fans who share digitized versions of films over peer-to-peer networks.
GAO was requested to determine the ease of access to child pornography on peer-to-peer networks; the risk of inadvertent exposure of juvenile users of peer-to-peer networks to pornography, including child pornography; and the extent of federal law enforcement resources available for combating child pornography on peer-to-peer networks.
But, he added, ``Frankly, right now peer-to-peer networks I do not think have a particularly virtuous story to tell.
But eliminating so-called peer-to-peer networks like Napster won't solve the problem, and isn't feasible anyway.

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