Peer Reviewed Journal

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A professional journal that only publishes articles subjected to a rigourous process which may require validation of findings in addition to peer review
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Bart Stupak, D-MI., will "enhance whistleblower protection by including in the list of reportable actions any attempt to suppress the right of government scientists to publish or announce their findings in peer reviewed journals or public meetings with their fellow scientists." Stupak cites a Union of Concerned Scientists survey, finding that of the 997 FDA scientists who responded, 36 percent did not feel they could openly express concerns within the agency about public health without fear of retaliation.
Everyone achieved the greatest increase in confidence on skills 6 and 7, understanding the advantages of using Web-based library resources, and identifying scholarly or peer reviewed journals, followed by skills 3 and 5, searching the Kraemer online catalog and selecting and using periodical indexing and abstracting services.
Technology assessment places a high priority on having health outcomes data from recognized peer reviewed journals to form the basis for evaluative conclusions.

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