peeping Tom

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peeping Tom

A person who gets pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, from secretly watching others; a voyeur.

Peeping Tom

See voyeur.


A person who achieves sexual gratification from watching others naked, undressing and/or performing sexual acts.

peeping Tom

A person who derives sexual pleasure and arousal from secretly watching others in a state of undress or engaged in sexual activity. A voyeur. The term derives from the legend of Tom the tailor of Coventry who was the only person to look at the naked Lady Godiva, and lived to regret it, being instantly struck blind. See also VOYEURISM.
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Tomorrow, 20 years after Powell's death on February 19, 1990 and 50 years after Peeping Tom was released on May 16, 1960, this unforgettable classic is back on the silver screen.
A judge at Merthyr Crown Court described him as a modern day peeping Tom after hearing he had filmed hundreds of guests in the bathroom.
The Peeping Tom character was said to have been struck blind after looking at Lady Godiva while others looked away to preserve her modesty.
FOUL: Edwards caught with call girl in Rio, then accused of being Peeping Tom
SOME lively dancing to the powerful plugged-in sound of Coventry's famous leather-clad line-up, Peeping Tom will no doubt take place tomorrow.
FOUR men arrested in a council CCTV Peeping Tom investigation appeared for the first time at Liverpool crown court today.
It's not that the Underworld director is a secret peeping Tom - he just likes a nice nude on his wall.
PETE WILLOW Folk-rock ceilidh band Peeping Tom are to end their monthly dance bashes.
A PEEPING Tom was caught out by his footprints in snow, a jury was told yesterday.
FOUR men arrested in a council CCTV peeping tom probe were today charged by police.
A LIVELY night of social dancing kicks off next week when Coventry's rocking ceilidh band Peeping Tom launches another season of monthly ceilidhs.