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He saw himself and his fellow pederasts as embattled heroes.
33) While there is no apparently acceptable punishment for these types of crimes (for example, abusing a pederast's own child or abusing the pederast himself are obviously unacceptable punishments), Kant is also clear that these crimes nonetheless merit punishment and such punishment cannot be left to the vagaries of the individual judge's will.
But this course of events may actually not be indicative of any disapproval placed on the pederasts per se.
The same principle holds true for the pederasts and cultural subversives whose long-term efforts to undermine the Catholic Church are just now coming to light through the unfolding "pedophile priest" scandal.
Yes, give them that lot where it hurts and the pederasts will be the ones who end up crippled.
Modern scholars have tended to accept without question or doubt the assertions of ancient pederasts that their activities were beneficial to boys, that they were educating boys in the habits and ways of manhood and of citizenship.
Whatever their merits might be, religious organisations are magnets for misogynists, alcoholics, bigots, and especially pederasts, who seem to regard a constant supply of young and vulnerable children as one of the perks of the job.
He is a divinity student (a marvelous touch) at Oxford's "Scone College" who is unfairly dismissed for "indecent behaviour," cheated out of an inheritance, then hired to teach at a nondescript boys' school in Wales, as part of an illogically assembled staff that features drunks, pederasts, and underachievers.
There's the paradox: in an age of serial-killer fan clubs, pederasts have emerged as our last bogey-man, while children themselves have been given over to the sweaty hands of the market, to be tantalised and supplicated and diverted and motivated into being little more than a bunch of dissolute, trainee consumers, of which poor Dolly Haze was the first.
Pederasts, perverts, vagrants, and procurers were the individuals most likely to face the lash while other criminals escaped corporal punishment.
In a 1574 journal excerpted by Lawner, Pierre de l'Estoile laments that the ban was not permanent: "By the beginning of September, by express wish of the King and corresponding to the corruption of the age, the 'Gelosi' have been permitted to take the stage again, thus bringing honor on the heads of actors, buffoons, whores and pederasts.
Here we meet various hermaphrodite subcultures and Muslim pederasts bent on wickedness that proves their damnation.