Jean, French anatomist, 1622-1674. See: Pecquet cistern, Pecquet duct, receptaculum pecqueti, Pecquet reservoir.
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Julian Pecquet of al-Monitor makes the same type of claims.
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Call for applications for project management with restricted competition on sketch - conversion of polluted brownfield Pecquet -Tesson - Construction of 45 social housing units - General Patton Avenue and St.
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The author thanks Bruce Gouldy, Mike Holmes, Gary Pecquet, Tom Sturrock, the editor, and an anonymous referee for comments on the prior versions.
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It also became renowned in North America--Thomas Jefferson's library at Monticello contained a copy (22)--along with the work of Wicquefort and, to a lesser extent, that of Antoine Pecquet whose Discourse sur l'art de Negocier avec les Souverains came out in 1738.
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29) Finally, Pecquet, Davis, and Kanago (2004), using Confederate dollar/Southern bank note exchange rates, provide evidence in support of war news in that "Northern victories typically led to an appreciation of bank notes against the Confederate dollar, while Southern victories caused bank notes to depreciate.