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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine
Molecular biology M-203 mouse A mouse model for the human disease, cystinuria type 1, which has an induced missense mutation in the SLC3A1 gene. Its name derives from the impressive size of the calculi (stones) linked to the mutation
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However, Tuoyo was disqualified from the game for touching the pebbles.
We are over the moon with the beautiful pebbles we have received.
According to ( CNET , the pebbles, which are now being studied by the space agency's rover team, look very similar to rocks found in another area of the planet.
Paint each pebble all over and allow to dry completely.
Ellis himself was an avid pebble collector and his enthusiasm for the subject is what makes this more than a dry geology lesson.
As shown in Table 2, three batches of MG pebbles were prepared to fulfill the researches in this study.
For this, we used eight packs of pebbles and three packs of moss.
The amateur artist, thought to be a local pensioner, began painting pebbles in October and leaving them in the streets for kids to find.
Of course, there are man-made pebbles here, too; stones that came to be beach pebbles through human action.
Extraction or gathering of pebbles is illegal in the country unless this is covered by a special permit.
His wife-to-be, Sneezy, accepted the pebble and agreed to marry him.
- "Come on Babboo, how can we eliminate poverty by moving pebbles?