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Patient Environment Action Team

A team which undertakes peer reviews of NHS trusts’ compliance with UK Department of Health standards across a range of parameters, including food, cleanliness, infection control and patient environment (bathrooms, décor, lighting, patient areas). PEATs include people from outside the trust (e.g., from infection control), personnel and patient representatives, and provide a local “snapshot” of the hospital environment on the day of the visit. A PEAT report is produced after each site visit, and may include an action plan if the required standards are not being met.


an accumulation of dead plant material formed in wet conditions in bogs or fens in the absence of oxygen so that decomposition is incomplete. It is usually acidic.


n in balneotherapy, a mossy plant substance used in baths and peloids. An antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, antineoplastic, antiviral substance, the effects of which include immunological stimulation, increased metabolism, and vessel dilation. See also balneotherapy and peloid.

peat, peat moss

used as bedding for housed cattle and horses and is very absorbent of water.

peat scours
chronic diarrhea in ruminants grazing pasture on peat-derived soils low in copper and/or high in molybdenum. See also copper nutritional deficiency, molybdenum.
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Humus-rich, peaty soil suits them best and they relish life beneath trees or shrubs, provided there's enough moisture to keep them supplied.
One of the red-letter days of spring is the first sighting of the buds of sanguinaria canadensis, Canadian Bloodroot, emerging through the peaty soil.
A woodlander in its native Canada, it loves deep peaty soil and semi- shade.
They love cool air and damp, peaty soil, so succeed very well in Scotland.
Like all rowans, it's an ace performer in Scotland, enjoying our cool, damp climate and peaty soil.
Known as lenten roses, helleborus x hybridus are easy to grow and relatively care-free plants that thrive in dappled shade providing that you avoid poor, dry, peaty soils and waterlogged conditions.
Unlike texture, moisture conditions may be profoundly transformed by drainage: the moist soils of group 3 may, in transformation, become similar to fresh soil, and wet and peaty soils (group 4), similar to moist soils.
But the signs are good that a glass or two of cheer will still salute the centuries-old tradition across the continents that separate the leafy vineyards of South Africa and the peaty soils of Scotland.
The role of the park as a national environmental asset is also revealed in the figure of an estimated 50 million tonnes of carbon locked up in the landscape's woodlands and peaty soils.
Roses generally do quite well in peaty soils, as they like a slightly acidic soil, but it is important that the containers have good drainage.
Agriculture--Improved crop and grazing land management to increase soil carbon storage; restoration of cultivated peaty soils and degraded lands; improved rice cultivation techniques and livestock and manure management to reduce methane emissions; improved nitrogen fertilizer application techniques to reduce nitrous oxide emissions; dedicated energy crops to replace fossil fuel use; improved energy efficiency.