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Patient Environment Action Team

A team which undertakes peer reviews of NHS trusts’ compliance with UK Department of Health standards across a range of parameters, including food, cleanliness, infection control and patient environment (bathrooms, décor, lighting, patient areas). PEATs include people from outside the trust (e.g., from infection control), personnel and patient representatives, and provide a local “snapshot” of the hospital environment on the day of the visit. A PEAT report is produced after each site visit, and may include an action plan if the required standards are not being met.


an accumulation of dead plant material formed in wet conditions in bogs or fens in the absence of oxygen so that decomposition is incomplete. It is usually acidic.


n in balneotherapy, a mossy plant substance used in baths and peloids. An antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, antineoplastic, antiviral substance, the effects of which include immunological stimulation, increased metabolism, and vessel dilation. See also balneotherapy and peloid.

peat, peat moss

used as bedding for housed cattle and horses and is very absorbent of water.

peat scours
chronic diarrhea in ruminants grazing pasture on peat-derived soils low in copper and/or high in molybdenum. See also copper nutritional deficiency, molybdenum.
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Semi- shade, a peaty soil, and a moist atmosphere suit it best, and it has all the glamour of it's big blue brothers.
At a depth of three feet the peaty soil is grayish brown, firm, somewhat fibrous, containing seeds, fragments of rhizomes of the reed grass and of several other grasses and sedges.
BUILD raised beds and fill with acid or peaty soil for growing rhododendrons, camellias and other lime-hating plants.
Three thousand years ago this area, now 25 miles inland, was virtually on the coast and many of the UK's most spectacular archeological finds have been discovered, perfectly preserved in the fenland's water-logged, peaty soil.
Huckleberries generally prefer sandy or peaty soil, but the black huckleberry can be found in low, rocky terrain as well.
IN the same peaty soil into which his father drove a spade, the great Irish poet Seamus Heaney was laid to rest yesterday evening in the quiet village that inspired so much of his work.
Of all the dry, hot climate imports, the Yucca, a native of arid North and South American regions, if given a site with good all year round drainage and sandy or peaty soil, usually succeeds in producing a tall stem covered in creamy-white flowers.
In the museum, the most poignant artefacts were, for me, the clothes and shoes discovered preserved in the peaty soil.
Huddersfield Watch commander Andy Dickinson said: "The blaze was deep-rooted and we were forced to dig up the peaty soil in places and give it a good wetting.
According to the instructions, I should start the tubers in a tray of peaty soil and when growth appears, put them in separate plots filled with potting compost.
This investment includes planting heather, plugging drainage ditches to lock up carbon in the peaty soil, improving fencing and traditional dry stone walling and creating 4,485 mini moorland ponds to benefit insects, water voles and amphibians.
IF you have limy soil, build raised beds and fill with acid or peaty soil so you can grow camellias, rhododendrons and other