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Karl, English mathematician, 1857-1936. See: Poisson-Pearson formula, McArdle-Schmid-Pearson disease.
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The incident with which this tale commences found Pearson in a state of religious dulness, yet mentally disquieted, and longing for a more fervid faith than he possessed.
And now the tale must stride forward over many months, leaving Pearson to encounter ignominy and misfortune; his wife to a firm endurance of a thousand sorrows; poor Ilbrahim to pine and droop like a cankered rosebud; his mother to wander on a mistaken errand, neglectful of the holiest trust which can be committed to a woman.
A winter evening, a night of storm, had darkened over Pearson's habitation, and there were no cheerful faces to drive the gloom from his broad hearth.
The Quaker at length closed the book, retaining however his hand between the pages which he had been reading, while he looked steadfastly at Pearson. The attitude and features of the latter might have indicated the endurance of bodily pain; he leaned his forehead on his hands, his teeth were firmly closed, and his frame was tremulous at intervals with a nervous agitation.
"Thy voice has fallen on my ear like a sound afar off and indistinct," replied Pearson without lifting his eyes.
It is heavier than I can bear!" exclaimed Pearson, with the impatience of a variable spirit.
"Have I not borne all this; and have I murmured?" interrupted Pearson impatiently.
Charles Pearson, 51, the estranged husband of Ussery-Pearson, went to the Country Inn and Suites hotel in Kansas City on Tuesday morning and told staff that he killed his wife.
Luke Pearson, 19, was denied anti-psychotic medication by a doctor weeks before the killing, Teesside Crown Court was told.
West Des Moines, Iowa-based GuideOne Insurance has appointed Doug Pearson senior vice president and chief underwriting officer.
Alan Pearson, 61, of Earl Street, Flint, was jailed for a year at Mold Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to failing to comply with notification requirements.
LONDON (Alliance News) - Liberum reiterated its Sell rating on Pearson, taking a pessimistic view, saying the education publisher is under threat from the merger of two US rivals.