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Referring to the opalescent sheen seen by gross examination of colonies of Bordetella pertussis in culture
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A set of pearly whites can seem like a must-have in today's celeb-obsessed society.
The beauty behind those pearly whites and the value of her smile will be revealed in South Street Seaport in New York City and on the Web site on May 10.
THOUSAND OAKS - Art Hannemann's new idea aims to make some green from Southern Californians' pearly whites.
The sight of a young 18, oops sorry 16-year-old girl lying through her pearly whites in a bid to become a celebrity was gripping stuff.
2 Dr Organic Aloe Vera Toothpaste (Holland & Barrett) natural paste containing aloe vera to soothe and heal inflamed gums and sensitive teeth, while leaving your pearly whites clean and fresh.
30am and 3pm on Friday and Keep Those Pearly Whites from 10 to 11 am in Bullion Lane Children's Centre and Messy Time from 1.
It developed that a fragment of one of Block's pearly whites was imbedded above Price's elbow and had severed Price's triceps tendon.
According to every model who's ever flashed her pearly whites, almost every one of them had a face only a mother could love.
To pay for work to her pearly whites, Manny visits his insurance company to take out a loan but when he gets there he is mistaken for a man who recently committed a robbery.
Besides, your parents didn't spend thousands on braces so you could cover those pearly whites with diamond dolphins.
To keep your pet's pearly whites clean, Petosan makes a dual head toothbrush -- it has two heads that lean into each other which allows you to clean both sides of the teeth at once.