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Referring to the opalescent sheen seen by gross examination of colonies of Bordetella pertussis in culture
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09 from Holland & Barrett) natural paste containing aloe vera to soothe and heal inflamed gums and sensitive teeth, while leaving your pearly whites clean and fresh.
The teeth, those that have come out naturally as adult teeth replace them, will be used in Palaces - a spectacular glittering sculpture made from crystal resin and decorated with no longer needed pearly whites.
Yet earlier at the Q Awards Sir Paul, 68, flashed a full set of pearly whites as he accepted a Classic Album gong for 1973's Band On The Run.
The singer - usually known for his gumsy glare after a refreshment or two - looked quite normal when he popped up, showing off his new pearly whites.
Talbot Green Shopping Park is launching its Biggest Smile competition, rewarding shoppers with vouchers for showing off their pearly whites.
Your health visitor or dentist will have lots more information around dental and oral health to ensure your child's pearly whites remain pearly white.
Brushing your pearly whites twice a day and remembering to floss are part of most people's daily routine.
A STUDENT was showing off his pearly whites after winning a top award for his college work.
EVERYONE wants a Hollywood smile a la Tom Cruise, now dental experts are harnessing the power of ions to get your pearly whites sparkling.
After one flash of his pearly whites the crowd of devotees would have happily watched paint dry as long as Donny was standing in front of it.
A staining of those pearly whites is not the only adverse effect cigarettes pose to a smoker's teeth, a major dental study suggests.
With pearly whites out of the way, the former Sports Illustrated Model, who is currently linked to professional snowboarder Shaun White, also required that men didn't act "too cool for school.