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For jump, the peak pressures for heel (N/[cm.sup.2]) for jump off and jump land are 14.8 [+ or -] 5.9 (p = 0.036) and 27.8 [+ or -] 3.9 (p = 0.0002) respectively, where, as for the big toe, the pressures (N/[cm.sup.2]) for jump off and jump land are 79.8 [+ or -] 12.7 (p = 0.001) and 79.4 [+ or -] 8.5 (p = 0.0001), respectively.
The data obtained for chamber pressure through copper crusher and piezo sensor can also be critically analyzed for relative spread in peak pressure values as described by Coghe et al.
The peak pressure of the shock wave generated by the electric pulse device is higher than 100 MPa (Fig.
Peak pressures during each 60 second interval were recorded, and the mean pressure (N x [cm.sup.-2]) over the 60 second interval was calculated and used in subsequent data analysis.
The optimal structure needs to have less cushion peak pressure, proper cushion time, slower cushion final velocity, and no reverse impact.
Thus, in pressure controlled ventilation, the peak pressure is limited, reducing the chance of barotraumas.
By comparative analysis of the plantar pressure distribution with quantitative parameters (peak pressure and pressure-time integral) in seven anatomy-related part divisions, significant difference exists between the fifth-toe deformed group (Figure 1) and the control group.
During the static measurement, eight parameters were evaluated: 1) forefoot peak pressure value (N/[cm.sup.2]), 2) rear foot peak pressure value (N/[cm.sup.2]), 3) total plantar force (N), 4) forefoot plantar force percentage (%), 5) rear foot plantar force percentage (%), 6) total contact area ([cm.sup.2]), 7) forefoot plantar contact area percentage (%), and 8) rear foot plantar contact area percentage (%).
Given the stability of the patient during his initial surgery (stable peak pressures and no signs of pneumothorax), it was theorized that the endotracheal tube was likely below the tracheal lesion, and positive pressure ventilation was delivered for 4 days without complication.