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Prevention of Events with Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibition. A trial that assessed the effect of ACE inhibitors on fatal and nonfatal coronary artery disease events in patients with coronary artery disease and preserved left ventricular ejection fraction
Conclusion The tested ACE inhibitor—trandolapril—had no effect on endpoints

(2) Peace

Drug slang A regional term for LSD or PCP
Global village Freedom from or cessation of conflict, violence or civil disturbance


Cardiology A clinical trial–Prevention of Events with Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Therapy

Patient discussion about Peace

Q. is there a natural medicine i can provide my son in order to help him be more calm and peaceful and not so hyperactive and frantic ?

A. Nerve cell membranes are composed of phospholipids containing large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). Studies have been conducted to examine the impact of omega-3 and omega-6 deficiency and the possible impact of fatty acid supplementation. more is needed but there's a calming effect on people. give him Omega-3 capsules and there should be a change after about 2 months.

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Most turned me down, but Peacemaker Specialists catalogs them.
At the core of Hiawatha and the Peacemaker is a powerful and positive message that shares with readers that they need to be equipped with little more than a message of peace to make a difference in the world.
Books that begin life as theses do not always shift genres well, but Proclaiming the Peacemaker may be an exception.
For Vincent and his wife, Yael, the big things in life are freedom and autonomy in a world where all major decisions are made by a single AI, the Peacemaker, living inside a human host.
The barking dogs took Peacemaker to the little boy.
Around midnight on Sunday, internationals from Christian Peacemaker Teams received a call from a Tuba resident to report the settler attack and request help in urging the Israeli police to come to Tuba.
Regardless of the character and characteristics of the dime novelist who christened it, he still comes to mind every time a Peacemaker with an over-length barrel shows up at a modern day Cowboy Action shootout.
Flanked by Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford, he said it was time for communities to put pressure on people he said had only managed to "kill a peacemaker".
Christian Peacemaker Teams (C.P.T.) began in 1986 as a response to Ron Sider's call at Mennonite World Conference to create a nonviolent peace force in which its members would be willing to lay down their lives to reduce international conflict.
FRIENDS and relatives of a tragic dad who died as he acted as a peacemaker in a pub fight will tomorrow gather to remember him.
Religion and, perhaps more so, the individual faith of local religious leaders, is a significant aspect of the Tanenbaum peacemaker stories.
A local waterfront construction company recently launched a new boat, the Peacemaker, and is now offering freight delivery service to the greater Puget Sound area.