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Bring their 2009 tax return, final 2010 paycheck stubs, taxable interest information, and unemployment compensation information (if applicable).
Paycheck Stubs, Movie Tickets and ATMs Are Used To Reach Consumers
Many American companies are offering self-service access to paycheck stubs, either through company intranets or web-accessible employee portals.
A consultant who said her name was Maria Anderson asked him to fax more personal information such as a copy of his driver's license and paycheck stubs as well as a voided check or deposit slip for the transfer of funds.
For example, ProBusiness allows us to provide more detailed information on the employees' paycheck stubs, reducing employee confusion about payroll, improving our ability to respond to employee needs, and eliminating redundant work.
Some general documentation you can expect to provide includes W-2 statements from the previous two years, federal tax returns from the previous two years, recent paycheck stubs and bank statements.
Companies can communicate this information in a variety of ways -- for example, during employee orientations and performance reviews, and on paycheck stubs and websites.
Postal Service employees without computer access in their work environments use the kiosks to perform basic human resources tasks including keeping track of benefits and viewing paycheck stubs.
Employees can go on-line and retrieve paycheck stubs, check how many vacation days are available, print w-2's and look or change other employee related areas.
Within the next year, Coldwater Creek's workforce will be able to view information such as paycheck stubs or staff rosters online.