Frederick W., English physician, 1829-1911. See: Pavy disease.
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Some are relatively trivial, such as the assertion that Jonson said that he had tutored Saloman Pavy when his 'scholar' was actually Nathan Field, or the claim that John Marston did not attend university (72, 187).
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Efforts to establish and improve techniques for isolated kidney perfusion have been ongoing since 1903 (Pavy et al., 1903) with the main focus on the organ's functional preservation for subsequent transplantation surgery.
Pavy et al., "Increased Dickkopf-1 in recent-onset rheumatoid arthritis is a new biomarker of structural severity.
Joey Zapata, Pavy Olivarez, Bruce Samia & Donna Anderson ("Westworld")
Jean-Luc PAVY, co-founder of TeamCast said: "All discussions were very positive.
They are Alexander Chock (employed in 1666-67), Francis Pavy (166162 and 1670-71; 1671-73 according to BDA, which also suggests that Pavy continued to work until at least 1693), and Richard Smyth or Smut (1672-73).
FIORMONDA Now boys will sing thy scandal in the streets, Tune ballads to thy infamy, get money By making pageants of thee, and invent Some strangely shaped man-beast, that may for horns Resemble thee, and call it Pavy's Duke.
Octave Pierre Pavy served as the physician for the ill-fated Lady Franklin Bay Expedition of 1881-84, one of two expeditions supported by the United States during the First International Polar Year.
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