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Ivan P., Russian physiologist and Nobel laureate, 1849-1936. See: pavlovian conditioning, Pavlov method, Pavlov pouch, Pavlov stomach, Pavlov reflex.

Pavlov, Ivan Petrovich

[pav′lôv, pä′vlôf]
(1849-1936), a Russian physiologist who discovered a pattern of conditioned stimulus-reflex learning, the manner in which the physiological mechanism of digestion is controlled by the nervous system, and a theory of the causes and treatment of human neuroses.
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The Los Angeles expansion means Pavlov Media capabilities like Tesseractiv and WebSnap(TM) can be brought to hundreds of additional communities.
Then, they would study the amount of drool, and Pavlov observed that the dogs would drool without seeing or smelling the food, so he decided that a conditioned response was taking place.
We know that organic molecules have to be there but we can't find any of them in the soil," Pavlov said.
The roots of the dispute are to be found in the December 2010 deal in which German publishing group Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ) sold its Bulgarian holdings--a number of titles including top-selling dailies Trud and 24 Chassa and weekly 168 Chassa, as well as a printing house--to BG Printmedia, a joint venture between Pavlov and Viennabased BG Privatinvest.
com; LIVAS Telecommunications, Alexandr Pavlov, +371-265-402-08, alex.
Celtic paid CSKA pounds 60,000 to lure Pavlov to Glasgow as a 15-year-old.
This paper reports a new single-occupation site located about 1km east of Pavlov I and named Pavlov VI (Figures 1 and 2).
Modern behaviourism has its origin in the work of Pavlov, Watson and Skinner.
All praise to Arkadii Dragomoshchenko and his remarkable and brave translator Evgeny Pavlov.
Also annoyed is a Soviet commissar of education named Bukharin, whom Pavlov refuses to allow into the laboratory.