Lucien M.A., French dermatologist, 1876-1959. See: Pautrier abscess, Pautrier microabscess.
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There were cytologically atypical lymphoid cells that displayed epidermotropism, Pautrier microabscesses, and a bandlike dermal distribution (A).
Groups of lymphocytes in the epidermis form Pautrier's microabscesses.
High-power images of the epidermis showed medium-sized lymphocytes with cerebriform nuclei arranged in Darier's nests (Pautrier's microabscess) (figure 3a).
In some areas, hyperplastic epithelium with Pautrier microabscesses can be observed.
However, Pautrier microabscesses are not as common in comparison to classic MF.
A skin biopsy was performed revealing extensive cutaneous T- cell infiltration and the presence of Pautrier's microabscesses (Figure 2).
At the end of the 1st World War, professor of dermatology at Strasbourg, Lucien-Marie Pautrier, 1876-1959, ('Croix de Guerre" and" Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur"), served two years and retired, occupying himself with art and music.
Skin biopsy from bilateral thighs and right groin at an outside institution in October 2011 displayed dense, predominantly small to medium-sized atypical lymphoid infiltrate with cerebriform nuclei and scant cytoplasm that mainly involved the dermis with minimal epidermotropism and focal Pautrier's microabscess formation.
Aproximadamente, 10% de los carcinomas de celulas de Merkel afectan la epidermis focalmente y pueden simular las caracteristicas histologicas de los microabscesos de Pautrier presentes en el linfoma de celulas T cutaneo [12].