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Linus C., U.S. chemist and Nobel laureate, 1901-1994. See: Pauling theory, Pauling-Corey helix.

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Q. I would like some information on high blood pressure, Paul

A. It's diagnosed by measuring the blood pressure several times, it doesn't cause any symptoms but in the long run it's very dangerous. It can be treated quite successfully with medications, although they have to be taken indefinitely.

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He jumped to his right but I think it's more mental than physical as he jumps some right and then at others he's straight as a die," Pauling told At The Races.
Linda told us that the Pauling Collection has provided a wealth of data for her research into historical events of the anti-nuclear movement, and she shared some of her findings with us during the lecture.
Pauling wasn't particularly interested in Terramycin, but he was very interested in x-ray crystallography, an emerging instrumental technique that was capable of determining molecular structure by studying how x-rays bounced off atoms in a sample.
During World War II, Pauling participated in scientific enterprises deemed vital to the protection of the country.
The focus of OSU Special Collections is on the Ava and Linus Pauling Papers, with a broader emphasis on the history of 20th century science and technology.
The Linus Pauling Institute background paper noted that resveratrol had been reported to inhibit the liver enzyme cytochrome P450 3A4 (also called CYP3A4), though this had not yet been tested in humans.
Pauling, assistant deputy undersecretary of defense for materiel readiness.
Our most famous collection of documents is that of Linus Pauling, a very famous chemist and two-time Nobel Prize winner," says Ryan Wick, an OSU information technology consultant.
Jack Bell, deputy under secretary of defense for logistics and materiel readiness, and Dave Pauling, assistant deputy under secretary of defense for maintenance policy, programs and resources, presented the award on behalf of Secretary of Defense Donald H.
Scientists at Oregon State University's Linus Pauling Institute have found that the class of compounds called flavonoids neutralize "free radicals"--the rogue oxygen molecules that can damage cells.
Linus Pauling and the Race for DNA (http://osulibrary.
Good thing Curie and Pauling et al lived before the advent of the XBox and Game Boy.