Paul, Constantin C.T.

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Constantin C.T., French physician, 1833-1896.
Paul sign - inflammation of the pericardium may create difficulty in feeling the apex beat, though precordial activity is felt.
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Cormer, carrying a Ron Paul sign and looking at the Occupiers around him, said, "They've got a good idea: the 99 percent.
In the example, after the first point in the match (Tables 1 and 2, Paul Sign 3), Paul thought that he had made an efficient return against the opponent's serve.
14, 2002, family, friends and classmates gathered in the West Forsyth High School gymnasium to watch Paul sign his letter of intent to play basketball at Wake.
Attended the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium in 1965 with an I love Paul sign which she mentioned when presenting the award to McCartney.
We held up a Welcome Home Paul sign and Paul told the crowd: "It's brilliant to be back.
Martin, 50, made 59-year old Paul sign a contract ordering him to pledge his support for the team he hates in return for being a donor of matching red stem cells.
Suzy on the way to her Christmas Eve wedding; Picture: GETTY IMAGES; Nicola and Paul sign the register on Boxing Day; Jane and George tying the knot in Gretna Green; Cocktails for breakfast in Vegas
Paul signs the club's record book at the golf club .
Many observers have underestimated Paul's electoral ceiling precisely because of this energetically loyal base, arguing that the folks on street corners waving homemade Paul signs or flooding every online poll that includes the name Paul constitute all his potential voters.
With the exception of a smattering of Ron Paul signs, the protesters' placards and literature showed an almost universal hostility to a market economy.
NEIGHBOURS (FIVE) Rebecca is free at last - Paul signs the affidavit, but you can bet he won't be happy when he realises she's tricked him.