Unschuld, Paul

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Paul, German internist, 1835-1905.
Unschuld sign - a tendency toward cramps in the calves of the legs.
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See Paul Unschuld, Huang di nei jing su wen: Nature, Knowledge, Imagery in an Ancient Chinese Medical Text (Berkeley and Los Angeles: Univ.
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Reflecting this interest, Paul Unschuld's study provides a detailed account of Chinese strategic culture.
In a public lecture in 2008, sinologist and historian of Chinese medicine Paul Unschuld shared a cross-cultural shift he observes in the TCM theoretical paradigm in the United States: Historically a mainly agrarian culture, Chinese traditionally analogizes human bodily functions with water irrigations and rivers; on the other hand, non-Chinese American TCM practitioners and patients, first introduced to TCM during an era of energy crisis, understand human mechanisms through the analogy of energy, where human body is seen as something like a battery.
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Medical historian Paul Unschuld suggests the opposite: like many medical
Evidence dictates that qi was considered to be a refined form of matter; "finest matter influences," as the German sinologist Paul Unschuld translated it.