Topinard, Paul

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Paul, French anthropologist, 1830-1912.
Topinard facial angle - ophryospinal facial angle.
Topinard line - runs between the glabella and the mental point.
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In the years immediately following his death, a power struggle ensued between prominent factions of the organization, most notably Broca's protege and presumed successor Paul Topinard and Firmin's eventual sponsor Mortillet.
Following Paul Broca and Paul Topinard, the science of anthropology (anthropologie) was primarily a comparative anatomy of races, the 'natural history of mankind', the universal attempt to display all peoples around the world in a table of racial types.
Initially devoted to archaeology, he shifted his interest to the methodological core of Paul Topinard's anthropologie: anthropometric methods and racial typification.
Paul Topinard, Elements d' anthropologie generale (Paris: Delahaye et Lecrosnier, 1885), pp.
She reminds us that Wharton read Darwin, Spencer, and anthropologists Edward Westermarck and Paul Topinard, as well as several Darwinian commentators, but in only a few instances can she show direct imprints of their work on Wharton's fiction.