Tessier, Paul

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Paul, 20th century French physician.
Tessier bone bender
Tessier craniofacial instruments
Tessier craniofacial operation
Tessier elevator
Tessier facial dysostosis operation
Tessier osteotomy
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The winners of the Worcester Surfcasting Club's season-long derby were Paul Tessier, 46.6-pound striper; Jim Cullina, 15.4-pound bluefish; Jim Cullina, 24-1/4 inch brown trout; Bernie Lempicki, 17-15/16-inch rainbow trout; Tyler Houghton, 19-1/4-inch brook trout, and Paul Rogers, 17-3/4-inch tiger trout.
It is named after a French surgeon called Paul Tessier and can vary widely in severity.
Groomsmen were Nic Belk, Tony Cook, Trey Gant, Paul Tessier, Patrick Thomas, Danya Turner, Dashan Turner, and Ben Turnipseed.
'I saw a documentary about the French neonatal plastic surgeon Paul Tessier, and I thought, 'this is what I want to do with my life'.'