Lefevre, Paul

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Paul, 20th century French dermatologist.
Papillon-Lefèvre syndrome - see under Papillon
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Legal representative Paul Lefevre said: "Mr Dalziel had about 44 years' service with the fire service and had reached the highest position you can reach within Aberdeen.
C'est dans cette atmosphere chaotique et teintee d'erotisme, que Paul Lefevre, l'enigmatique commissaire assidu des bordels de la capitale, ainsi que son ami, l'inspecteur Bernard Bouveroux, homme curieux et cultive, auront a resoudre une serie de crimes bien orchestres, chacun porteur d'un message, tire du controverse recueil Les Fleurs du mal de Charles Baudelaire, mort quelques annees plus tot.
Paul Lefevre, of Quantum Claims, said the Scottish Prison Service had accepted liability for the incident but that the other officer involved had not.
Phillip Polkinghorn has been named vice president, Retirement Products & Services Division; Davey Scoon has been named chief administrative and financial officer; Peter Demuth has been named chief strategy and business development officer; and Paul LeFevre has been named strategic consultant at Sun Life Financial in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts.
Keyport selected Wealth2K as partner to help provide a broader range of products and services to a market that could significantly benefit from this new technological platform, says Paul LeFevre, Chief Operating Officer of Keyport Life Insurance Company.
Paul Lefevre, of Quantum Claims, representing Mr Buchan, said the noise was enough to cause the guard's legs to buckle and he collapsed on the prison floor.
Keyport President Philip Polkinghorn or COO Paul LeFevre can provide you with insights on the strategy Keyport has created to foster this impressive growth in Keyport's fixed annuity sales and his perspective on the outlook for the industry as a whole.
It reflects the commitment of Fleet and its sales force to these annuity products,&uot; said Paul LeFevre, Keyport's chief operating officer.
Keyport Index MultiPoint is appealing to risk averse investors who want to participate in the equity market's potential upside and gain a greater return than offered in the current interest rate environment," said Paul LeFevre, president of Keyport Life.
The marketplace continues to respond very favorably to Keyport Advisor, an innovative VA with many attractive features for the accumulation phase, as well as a payout option that provides complete liquidity for the income phase," said Keyport's president, Paul LeFevre.
Please contact Ann Hall at 212-725-3838 if you want to set up an interview with Paul LeFevre.
Koch replaces Paul LeFevre who has been promoted to Executive Vice President--Strategic Planning and Marketing, a new position at Keyport.