Ernst, Paul

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Paul, German pathologist, 1859-1937.
Babès-Ernst bodies - see under Babès
Babès-Ernst granules - Synonym(s): Babès-Ernst bodies
Ernst-Babès granules - Synonym(s): Babès-Ernst bodies
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However, the biography of Swiss law enforcement officer, Paul Ernst Grueninger describes how he defied Swiss law concerning the immigration of Jews into Switzerland by falsifying reports and backdating passport stamps.
Leading industry analysts have rated Unica's marketing suite as best in its class," said Paul Ernst, vice president for RiverPoint Group.
Paul Ernst, commander of the 841 st Transportation Battalion.
Who: Alan Paller, director of research, SANS Paul Ernst, director of technology and communications, Satellite Asset Management What: Alan Paller interviews Paul Ernst in a discussion about his organization's exploration of the journey toward pro-active vulnerability management using Citadel Security Software's Hercules.
This is the first tool that we have found which truly addresses the communication between application user and application builders," said Paul Ernst of DHS & Associates.