White, Paul Dudley

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Paul Dudley, U.S. cardiologist, 1886-1973.
Bland-White-Garland syndrome - see under Bland-E
Lee-White method - see under Lee, Roger I
McGinn-White sign - see under McGinn, Sylvester
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome - see under Wolff, Louis
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Paul Dudley White, a cardiologist who was President Dwight D.
In 2011, he received the Paul Dudley White Award from the Boston Division of the AHA Founder's Affiliate and the Laennec Master Clinician Award.
O'Gara, MD, of the Cardiology Division at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), will receive the American Heart Association's Paul Dudley White award at the Boston Heart Ball April 30.
Hurst is a revered and respected teacher of medicine and cardiology who has been likened to William Osler and Paul Dudley White.
Paul Dudley White, the famous heart disease specialist, observed his very first heart attack in 1921.